Sunday, March 23, 2008

good news

So I spoke with student legal services at ISU, and I received good news. He was optimistic that I should be able to get my supervision terminated early. He said that people have to do this for the military, and he thought since I already paid my fine, I should be okay. He wrote up a motion for me to file and I have a new court day for April11 at 10am. So I have about three weeks to wait.

What happens now depends on the Peace Corps. I might not get to go to Kazakhstan because they may not want to wait until April to fill that spot. Or they may hold it for until then. I need to talk to my placement officer, and I'll probably do that around Wednesday. Even if I don't get Kazakhstan, I think there'd be a good shot of me leaving in August-October if I can get this cleared up in April. Although, I really want the assignment I've been given, especially now that I'm having to go through this stuff to get it. Russian would be great to learn and the work sounds like just what I wanted. Plus, I already order Nomad off the internet (

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