Monday, April 14, 2008

Supervision Terminated!

Last Friday, I finally had my court date to see if my supervision would be terminated early. As usual, I was nervous even the day before that I would somehow miss it. Maybe I had written down the wrong day or time. Maybe my alarm wouldn't go off. Maybe I would just wake up Friday and forget about having it, until it was too late. All irrational fears, but ones that honestly crossed my mind. I mention them because Friday morning did come, and I did wake up on time. And I did get ready early just to make sure I was at the courthouse in time. But when I walked outside, my car was gone! I quickly remembered that I had left it at Sara's the night before because I had driven over there and then carpooled when we went out. So after a quick walk to get my car, I was ready.

I still got to the courthouse super early. Early enough to realize I should have some form of documents to show I am actually applying for the Peace Corps. So I printed out some old emails and made my way to my court room. I was finally called up at 10:30 or so, and I was nervous. I tried to not be, but so much depended on this. The judge expressed concern that I was just applying for the Peace Corps in order to get out of my supervision, but he believed me when I told him I was serious. (This made me think about how serious I have been. I applied for the Peace Corps in Fall 2006. I am here in Illinois because of the Peace Corps. Its almost comical to me for someone to question my Peace Corps intentions, but he really didn't have a way to know all of that.) So finally, the judge agreed to terminate my supervision. I walked out of the room and skipped to the elevator. I emailed my documents to the Peace Corps, and I'm still waiting to hear back, but that should be it. Kazakhstan seems real again.

And because of court, I had to cut my mullet. But I'll write about that later.

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