Monday, February 25, 2008

So close to knowing

I received this email today from my DC contact:

Yes, I did receive your transcript. Your file is currently being reviewed by Placement Officer Patrick Carey. Patrick is a PO in the Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Asia region of the Placement Office. It will take him about 2-3 weeks to do a complete review of you file and determine if there is a program that matches your skills. If you don’t hear from Patrick by mid-March, you may contact him and ask for a status update.

So my fate is now in the hands of Patick. I'm excited to finally know and that I pegged the knowing some time in March. I am nervous that he is the officer for Eastern Europe though, because I do not want to go there. I know it's a different place and all, but honestly, I think the culture is more similar to the US than in a place like Thailand or Turkmenistan. Those are both still possibilities actually. I am thinking about turning down my offer if its in Eastern Europe, but I probably won't. That's not really my style. Make the most out of where you go. I wonder if I'll end up in Moldova with Brady. (Brady is a guy I went to K-12 with and actually 13-16, but I never really saw him much in college.) I won't be in Africa though. A little disappointing, but okay if I end up in Asia, which is where I wanted to go the most overall. I really think it would be ironic to find out I ended up in Eastern Europe while I am on spring break in Atlanta though. And it'll probably happen that way.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Preference and Updates

I don't really have any updates on any Peace Corps stuff. I did finally request Africa or Asia and said I would rather not go to Eastern Europe if possible. Most people from our program end up in Africa, so it would not surprise me if I do as well. My friend Sean got his placement though! He will be in Mauritania which is on the west coast of Africa still in the desert. He's the first one from our year to get his placement, and I'm really excited for him. I've been telling people I should get my placement in March or so, but I don't really know why I used that month. It used to be because it was far away, but now its only a month away, and I really have no idea as to when I'll get my placement. I guess if it doesn't come in March, I'll start telling people that I will know in July.