Monday, February 25, 2008

So close to knowing

I received this email today from my DC contact:

Yes, I did receive your transcript. Your file is currently being reviewed by Placement Officer Patrick Carey. Patrick is a PO in the Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Asia region of the Placement Office. It will take him about 2-3 weeks to do a complete review of you file and determine if there is a program that matches your skills. If you don’t hear from Patrick by mid-March, you may contact him and ask for a status update.

So my fate is now in the hands of Patick. I'm excited to finally know and that I pegged the knowing some time in March. I am nervous that he is the officer for Eastern Europe though, because I do not want to go there. I know it's a different place and all, but honestly, I think the culture is more similar to the US than in a place like Thailand or Turkmenistan. Those are both still possibilities actually. I am thinking about turning down my offer if its in Eastern Europe, but I probably won't. That's not really my style. Make the most out of where you go. I wonder if I'll end up in Moldova with Brady. (Brady is a guy I went to K-12 with and actually 13-16, but I never really saw him much in college.) I won't be in Africa though. A little disappointing, but okay if I end up in Asia, which is where I wanted to go the most overall. I really think it would be ironic to find out I ended up in Eastern Europe while I am on spring break in Atlanta though. And it'll probably happen that way.

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