Thursday, May 29, 2008

Classes ending soon

I don't have a lot of news on the PC front. I do have a checklist for my program here at ISU that I need to complete. Mainly things relating to finishing classes, insurance, and other administrative hangups. As far as my classes go, I have one more paper to finish by tomorrow. Make that today. And then my final capstone paper due in two weeks. After that I am finished except for my reports that I send back from the Peace Corps. Needless to say that I am excited. Once my classes are over, I'll post a review of my thoughts on the PCMI experience so far.

For preparation, I have added Kazakhstan to my Google News page. Recently a story about whether or not they should allow polygamy has shown up a few times. I also watched Nomad: The Warrior and learned one Kazakh word from it. Also, I am 130 pages into a book on Kazakhstan after the fall of the Soviet Union. I don't think anything can truly prepare you for the PC, but hopefully these will at least allow me to understand the country some before I arrive.