Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm now in Jaipur. I've been here in India for over week and the first stomach problems are cropping up. :( But I guess they are unusallly inevitable. I don't have much time to write so I'll just sum up some hightlights I may talk more about later:

Meeting CS Vikram and having dinner with him
Seeing Octopussy in Udaipur on a hotel rooftop with an old Hindu temple nearby
Meeting CS Jai and his family
Playing cards on the sleeper bus from Mumbai
Swimming in maybe crocodile-infested Tiger Lake
Clubbing at Red Light in Mumbai
Seeing the slums of Dhavi.
Reading the Maraharabatabataa (sorry for misspelling it) while in India
Most of the food

Things I haven't liked:
honking horns
autorickshaw drivers
everyone trying to sell me something
evergreen hotel in Jaipur


Sipra said...

hahaha welcome to india! take a pepto bismol everytime you eat food from a street vendor. i swear its a magic pill.
p.s. your blog about spanish was hilarious and so true

Koen Roovers said...

Hi Mike!

Good to hear that you're having such an interesting time in India. If you're still in Jaipur, than I can recommend Hostel Cocoon to you (tel: 01412216964). Friendly place with enjoyable roof tarrace.

Fatima says hi, I met her on my way back to Shymkent. And I'd like to thank you for having gone through the trouble of knitting those nosemuffs! Jamie gave me one, so now I've got a warm nose on frosty nights in my tent : )

Enjoy the subcontinent!


Jacob said...

those are amazing things i'm glad i got to experience with you! And i also did not like those things lol! That hotel SUCKS! Never goin there!

Koen Roovers said...

Saw the history on the nose warmer, of which I wasn't aware. Hope I didn't cause you any trouble with the entry..

Hard to be back in the Taraz winter after the tropical temperatures of India I imagine?

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.