Monday, November 2, 2009

40 Things to Do Before You Die

This list was compiled by my English speaking club a few weeks ago.

1. Clean the house
2. Travel the world
3. First Kiss
4. Say I Love You
5. Take a shower.
6. Go to the banya museum.
7. Help
8. Steal and fry a chicken
9. Parachute
10. Taste new foods (sweet potatoes, snake, Chinese food, human meat)
11. Buy presents for my family
12. Write a will
13. Change your style
14. Be emo.
15. Rob a bank
16. Get credit
17. Get a Korean BF
18. See sharks
19. Jump w/ a kangaroo
20. Be on the moon
21. Have a harem
22. See Lady Gaga, Rob Pattison, and Hollywood stars
23. Get a tattoo like 50 cent and Timati
24. Learn new languages
25. Speak w/ animals
26. Marry George Clooney
27. Be popular
28. Know English
29. Play ultimate Frisbee on a really soft field
30. See family
31. Find Alexandra parents
32. See old friends in S. Korea
33. Solve all the mysteries
34. Read minds.
35. Kill your neighbors.
36. Do a gobstop
37. Get a Michael Jackson coffin
38. See a demon
39. Get a Masters and a PhD
40. Read The Sound and the Fury
41. Have children.
42. Say I love you to my parents.
43. Be happy.


Kyle said...

Your students may want to think twice before gnawing on humans. According to this to this article, we are poisonous:

Just watching out for you! :-)

Koen Roovers said...

I'm surprised that stuffing yourself with beshbarmak isn't one of them..

Loving the blog Mike!

There's a small chance I have to take the Tashkent road again to go to Uzbekistan, now that the road to Kyrgystan east of Almaty has snow on it..

Will update you as soon as I know more/K

Christina said...

ha. I, too, think that #22, 23, 26, and 35 are absolute MUSTS :)

Koen Roovers said...

Hi Michael,

As it turns out, the road to Kyrgystan east of Almaty has snow already, and I didn't think it was worth it to pay 115 dollars for a risky transit through alpine West-Kyrgystan. So I'm coming back the same way, to get to Tashkent. I hope to arrive in Taraz next weekend (if I get my Uzbek visa this Monday). Could I once more enjoy your hospitality when I get there (I'll try not to eat everything this time, although I can't promise anything)?