Monday, July 20, 2009

Slight changes

I made a few small changes to my blog since I've had a lot of free Internet time here in the PCHQ today:

First, I changed the main colors to blue and yellow in order to match most things here in Kazakstan.

Second, I updated the link where you can text me for free; the old link apparently had not been working for some months. But the new one does work, so text me whatever and whenever.

Third, I added a news gadget so you can follow a little bit about what is happening in country when you check out my blog.

Fourth, I addedlink to my twitter page so you can follow what I'm doing all the time.

Fifth, I added a search gadget so you can quickly search my previous postings.

More stories from Tau Samal and an incredible camping trip in Almaty coming soon.


Becca said...

Hey Michael, looking forward to meeting you too! Where did you see me on PeaceCorpsJournals? Can't find myself, but maybe I should add my blog on there..looks like a great compilation!

:) Can't wait for Kaz!

Anonymous said...

Thank for the updates.

Denise said...

Michael! Great to know there's another person who found my blog! :) Hey - any advice on last minute prep and packing? Anything you wish you had or you wish you had left at home?