Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer camps

I haven't written on this thing in forever. Surprisingly, it is working without proxy servers and I am actually on blogger. Awesome.

This week I have a ten day summer camp with kids from our Access program. I was basically in charge of putting most of it together, so I had to run all around town and find things to do. The hardest thing in Kazakhstan is getting documents from places that sell you things. So we had to nix t-shirts because they were too expensive with the right documents. So far we have had a picnic, a scavenger hunt, tours of the city, visit to the museum, icebreakers, and day at the park. Today is bowling, then American sports day, then a trip to the movie theater. We have a great group of volunteers from the South helping at the camp.

Next week, there is a break. Then Astana, then Kyrgyzstan?, then camp, then break, then Ust, then Georgia, then three more months as I hunker down and finish strong. I'll try to update soon with some pictures from camp, since I can now post them with blogger.

Oh and Happy Astana Day!

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MARGIE said...

Sounds like you are staying busy. Thats the best way to make time fly by. love you mom