Friday, April 1, 2011

Peace Corps Uniforms?

Did anyone else see this today? This is the first I'm hearing about it. In Kazakhstan, they'll probably have to issue the men suits and crazy boots for the women.


Peace Corps to Issue Uniforms to New Volunteers


A representative from Peace Corps announced that beginning this summer new volunteers would be issued official Peace Corps clothing to wear during their 27-month service. Volunteers will be expected to wear the special clothing with the Peace Corps insignia during their first two to three months of training and also while they were working at their primary site. This change comes as Peace Corps staff around the world faced troubles getting volunteers to dress professionally in their work environment. Because the climate and culture can vary drastically in the 77 countries currently hosting Peace Corps Volunteers, each country's director will be able to set the specific uniform standard. However, all uniforms will have a patch with the Peace Corps emblem sewn onto it. 


"In addition to ensuring a more professional appearance from our volunteers, this will also be a great opportunity to support the Peace Corps brand. Our volunteers are out there doing great work, all over the world, everyday, and we want people to realize this," a Peace Corps representative said.


Based on blogs of Peace Corps volunteers, most of them seemed shocked by this news and have reacted negatively. One volunteer blogger responded with, "If it wasn't Peace Corps, I probably wouldn't believe this. But if there's anything I've learned is that never know what to expect as a PCV. I think we're responsible enough to dress ourselves though." Another posted, "I always wished Peace Corps had given me a free shirt or something, but this seems a little ridiculous."


It was not clear if these changes would affect current volunteers or only be implemented for volunteers who begin their service starting this summer.


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Is it April fool's?

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