Thursday, February 17, 2011

Culture shock

These were all going to be expanded, but I got lazy. Maybe I'll revisit to explain what they mean, but I think most people who have lived abroad will understand.

College logos
Understanding everything
Drivers are not crazy
Shoes in the house
Clean outside
Everything is paved over
street lights
no idea how to use smart phones
not washing dishes by hand
Newspapers delivered
my family does not own a tea pot and had to borrow a kettle
no tea time
ceiling fans
our table is a mess and stays that way
soda, lots of soda
beer. tasty beer.
dilemma over where the toilet paper goes
light switches look funny but are well-placed
people are friendly. airport stewardesses, waffle house people, everyone
american barbershops
no gates around houses
round the clock news
rocking chairs
remembering what it's like, and not really wanting it. but maybe that will change
exercise equipment in our house


Kenneth Balla said...

american barbershops are incredibly expensive and i can also explain what i want done to my hair, which isnt really what i want

Anonymous said...

what do you mean the table is always messy. Its all of your stuff.

Teresa said...