Thursday, January 13, 2011


So after two years and five months, I am finally going back to
America! For six whole weeks! This is super exciting for me because I
haven't even left Kazakhstan in over a year now. I was supposed to go
home in November, but then I signed on for another year, and I decided
to take my home leave later. I'll be home for the Super Bowl, Brad and
Karen's wedding, and St. Patrick's Day. That's a pretty good slate of

This is my tentative schedule:
4 - 18 Savannah
19 - 28 Atlanta/Athens
1-6 Nashville
7-19 ???/Savannah

I'd love to see family, old friends, and maybe even meet new friends
during these six weeks at home. And I'm looking to play in some
ultimate frisbee pickup/games/anything resembling a structured game
(bonus points if cleats are worn). Unfortunately, I've lost touch with
a lot of people while I've been in Kazakhstan, so I really don't know
where anyone is anymore. Let me know where you are so we can meet up.

Oh, and Happy Old New Years (

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