Thursday, March 4, 2010

February = cable TV

My friend Kyle recently posted that February seems to be a rough month
for PC volunteers in Kazakhstan. I'd agree. Even though I'm down south
and don't have the -40 cold they do up north, February just seemed
bleak. The trees are dead. The snow comes and goes and comes and goes.
It was pretty much a forgettable month.

Some things of note though... Okay, so I just noticed that I haven't
posted three of the blogs I have written recently. Or rather months
ago. That will be corrected soon. But back to February.

Cable TV! So for the first year in PC, we try to rough it. Or I did.
I'm a PC volunteer, you know? We want the hard life. However, by our
second year, we realize that often we try to rough it too much. Why do
all my students in English club have cable and internet and I don't?
Cable seemed unneccessary though. What will I really watch?

Answer: The Super Bowl. So I was down because it was going to be my
second year with no super bowl. When I thought, why? Turning on cable
is only 1500 tenge. And the monthly charge is 500 tenge. Surely I can
budget that somehow. So I turned on cable for the super bowl. And yes,
Mark and I did watch it as it was broadcast live at 5:00 in the
morning here. I did sleep through the half time show though.

And then I thought okay, now what? What else is available on my 75
channels? The Olympics! 24 hour coverage every day on Eurosport. Way
too much ski jumping and cross country skiing, but overall not bad.
And I got to see the figure skating programs. I think I'll post more
on cable TV and the Olympics later.

But now February is over. March is beginning. That means two major
holidays and a visit from Brad.

Happy Women's Day, too!

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margie said...

international womens day and what other holiday do you have in March beside St patricks day