Monday, January 18, 2010

To the North!

I am currently sitting in Petropovlask. That's near Russia, just about 30 miles from there actually. Tomorrow, myself and some other volunteers will dunk ourselves in a river here. The current temperature is about -30 degrees Celcius. We're not crazy; we're just celebrating the Russian Orthodox holiday of Krishenya (Baptism).

I'll post more about this trip when I get back. But a trip from Taraz to Petro turned into Taraz - Astana - Akkul - Kokshetau - Petro - Shuchinks - Taraz.

And I just found a banya hat!


Jill said...

Do you know Jamie Morris? I'm her cousin and am curious if you're with her? We heard there was a car accident? Please e-mail me if you can. Thank you!


SAlexander said...

Hi Jill, You don't know me but you may know my boyfriend, Dan Lind. Jamie and Dan were really good friends growing up and his mom called this morning saying that Jamie had been in an accident. If you hear anything, could you pass on the news to us? I know Dan would really appreciate it and would help put our minds at ease. My email is: Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

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