Sunday, December 20, 2009

What I've been up to as of late

Things I have done the past few weeks:
  • Got a modem to set up the Internet at my house (Thanks Scott!)
  • Found out my friends Brad and Karen are getting married (and waiting until I get back!)
  • Met my girlfriend's mom (and cooked dinner for them)
  • Cooked veggie lasagna (delic! use brinza!)
  • Took Mark to his first banya experience. (I did ask him to wash my back, but there was no leaf beating-yet)
  • Started Russian tutoring again (four hours spent on handwriting though, maybe not all that useful)
  • Watched about eight movies (Lagaan almost made cricket interesting; Point Break undescribable.)
  • Finally finished Slaughterhouse Five
  • Took the "Spanish Train"
  • Made veggie tacos for some local friends
  • Ate kurduck, declared that was enough fried meat until April, and then ended up eating it for the next two meals
  • Played three ridiculous games at our Volunteer Day Party. One of which involved me and my friend holiding a piece of candy in our lips while dancing together.
  • Helped Jessica win a ridiculous game at our Volunteer Day Party by giving her my jeans.
  • Ate delicous Chinese food in Almaty (Thanks for the idea Kyle)
  • Received my Christmas package with the new Neil Diamond Christmas album (Thanks Mom and Dad!)
  • Put up my Christmas tree
This week plans are a birthday party tomorrow night, Christmas service Thursday, Christmas party at work Friday, Christmas party with volunteer Saturday, New Year's Party with my Office Sunday, New Year's Party at a nursing home Monday.

Happy Holidays! I'll write more cohesive posts soon.

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