Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jingle Bells

I forgot to include this in my blog about singing songs on the bus. Because most of the songs were in Russian, I sat there trying to think of a song I could suggest in English that everyone would know. And honestly, even I struggle with most songs when they aren’t part of the chorus. I had one in mind, but it just seemed silly. But I was certain they would know it. Fortunately, my hesitation was solved when a sympathetic volunteer for our organization started the exact song I was thinking of: Jingle Bells. Everyone knew it. Maybe 20 of us belting out Jingle Bells on a bus in Kazakhstan at the end of May. And they especially enjoyed my embellishments of “hahaha” and “hey.” Next they tried “I just called to say I love you,” but we couldn’t get pass the chorus. Travel tip in Kazakhstan: if you want people to join in with you for the whole song, stick with Jingle Bells.


Jingle said...

i think Jingle Bells is famous every where.

foster said...

you forgot to mention that james lord pierpoint wrote jingle bell, most likely while living in savannah and and is buried in savannah which is your hometown