Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here are some pictures from my host mom's birthday party a few weeks back.


Brad Lindell said...

I love pictures! It's funny that no one seems to smile in pictures, except you. Also, I hope you demolished that table full of food.

Hard to believe it's almost March. Hope things are treating you well/starting to get warmer.

Aunt Teresa said...

Wgere does Brad live that it is 7:53am?It is 6AMin Atlanta....
Saw your dad..last wk they looked in the back yard and Sparky was playing chase with a fox! (like the fox and the hound!) Somehow they got Sparky inside, and then opened the gate so the fox would leave!....did they have birthday cake at the party? That is a big family...miss you.
Aunt teresa

Anonymous said...

It looks like you were having fun. you look good.
She has a big family. the kids are cute.