Friday, October 3, 2008

Site Announcement

PC likes making big announcements. They send you your country placement in the mail. They don't tell you before on the phone or email, even when they know. And once in country, where you are going is still a mystery until site announcement day. That was today. Where I am going for the next two months is now known. Or at least, know better. I have a name, but not too much information about my actual place.

I will be in a town between Taraz and Shymkent working with the Ecological Association. Currently they have two staff members and a swank office in the Akimat (City Hall). Right now they mainly do a Sewing Center and Leadership Development, but they are looking to branch out into teaching farmers business plans, working with youth, English clubs, and working with local teachers. At least, those last four things are what I'm supposed to be doing at site.

More soon on A Taste of Home and Yurt Searching.

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JessicaJane said...

learn to pronounce the name of your city/village/town/township. i can't come to the sewing club if you don't know how to say it.