Thursday, May 3, 2007

Graduation and Onward

I decided to start this blog because I found the blogs of other volunteers to be very helpful when I was thinking about applying for the Peace Corps. I know that when I am abroad, this will also be a great way to keep all my family and friends updated on all the things going on in my life.

To begin, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Hotard, and I am a senior at the University of Georgia. In a little over a week, I will be graduating with a degree in sociology and economics. I have been accepted to the PCMI program at Illinois State and will be studying Applied Economics and Community Development. I hope to actually start the Peace Corps part of that two autumns from now. I do not have a preference of where I can serve. I think everywhere will offer some awesome adventures for me.

I will write more about my application process so far and my motivations for joining in upcoming entries.

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